As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, Dr. Flynn is a proponent of evidenced-based therapy. She is well-acquainted with the research on effective methods to resolve particular problems. Typically, this is a goal-oriented approach that may involve structured learning of new skills and behaviors. Dr. Flynn knows that many benefit from active direction in problem-solving, coping, and learning new behaviors. Exposure therapy and mindfulness meditation may be part of the treatment plan. Dr. Flynn is an expert in helping people identify and change patterns of thinking that are obstacles to happiness, confidence and a fully engaged life. At the same time, she operates from the perspective that each person is unique. She is flexible enough to integrate a variety of techniques, and to vary her style as needed. Above all, she realizes that a warm and supportive therapeutic relationship is the foundation of any effective treatment.

Dr. Flynn has a wide network of community connections, and often consults with teachers, physicians, school personnel, and other mental health practitioners. She includes family members in treatment when appropriate.