About Dr. Flynn

Dr. Flynn is a St. Louis native who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Dayton. She
recieved her MA (1983) and PhD. (1986) from Washington University. Dr. Flynn completed a year of postdoctoral training at St. Louis University Medical Center, specializing in cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders.

Since that time, she has continued her focus in this area, allowing her to become one of a few highly experienced practitioners. Dr. Flynn sees individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, panic, excess worry, and childhood problems such as separation fears and school refusal. She is able to diagnose and treat complex, difficult cases, as well as helping those undergoing transitions and challenges that produce stress and depression. She respects her patients’ willingness to seek help, and takes a collaborative approach to treatment planning. Dr. Flynn enjoys connecting with a variety of patients, of all ages and backgrounds.

For a more detailed view of Dr. Flynn’s experience, her curriculum vitae is available via this link.